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A registered user for 9 years     

Andy Jones Reptiles
P.O. Box 204
New London TX 75682 US
(903) 658-4437
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Striving to produce and provide unique USA Captive Born and Bred Green Tree Pythons. Both locality/race-type specific animals and designer morphs available from time to time.

I also produce a select small number of Blood morphs. Ivories, Albinos, Matrix and so forth..
Every once in a while you'll see me offer Angolans and a few Ball morphs.

I'm a kid locked in the body of an old man who still gets to play with snakes!! What a GREAT life!!!

Special Offers

My customers are a valuable asset to me. I offer price breaks to repeat customers and multiple animal discounts on select species.

Please contact me for exact details.


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Posted by dlynch4215 816 days ago
I purchased a few blood pythons from Andy. Embarrassingly, I needed assistance, I made a few missteps in preparation of there care. Andys knowledge and professionalism came to be a huge asset. I highly recommended his reptiles and look forward to doing additional business in the future. Regards

Posted by hogwildherps 1153 days ago
I have dealt with many different breeders and I can say without hesitation that Andy Jones is at the very top of my list of folks I would gladly deal with again. His animals are nothing but top notch and customer service is unrivaled! Five stars!!

Posted by texotics 788 days ago
This seller exceeds all other sellers I have ever seen in the reptile world. Awesome healthy species and legit pricing with legit genetics. Thanks Andy for your awesome animals!!

Posted by figg753 881 days ago
Andy sent me 2 beautiful YellowBelly siblings. Everything was fast, easy and professional. He has continued to help with further information I've requested and been incredibly personable and gracious. I will continue to do future business with him, and would encourage anyone considering to do so. (:

Posted by tunz 910 days ago
Andy is great to deal with. I bought an amazing baby red blood python from him and couldn't be happier. He has great pricing, and answered all my questions very promptly. I'll definitely be doing more business with Andy in the future.

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I have over 30 years experience keeping and breeding select species of pythons, boas and colubrids. I have kept both venomous and non-venomous reptiles in the past. I no longer keep any "hots", but focus mainly on select species of pythons.

I was fortunate enough as a youngster,(many years ago), to become good friends with Johnny Binder and Tim Jones (no relation), of the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco, Texas and Dave Blody of the Ft. Worth Zoo in Fort Worth, Texas. Dave and Tim have since retired but Johnny keeps hanging in there. I owe these guys a ton of "Thanks"!!

Sad note...Dave Blody passed away at his home in Fort Worth from "natural causes" in August of 2016. He will be missed.
GOD bless you, David!!!! You were a GREAT asset to the Reptile World.

I ship Monday-Wednesday ONLY unless shipments are sent via Delta Dash. Contact me for information about Delta services.
Buyer's can purchase insurance for their animals at buyer's expense. Contact me for information on this subject.

Not responsible for lost, damaged, stolen or destroyed shipments/packages by Carrier. Not responsible for "late" deliveries. Not responsible for incorrect shipping information provided by buyer.

I do NOT ship "door to door" if temperatures are above 90 or below 45 degrees in your area or mine!
Shipments can/ will be sent to your local FedEx facility to be "held" for pick up by you.
In the case of "Door to Door" shipments, someone MUST be home to receive the package. If packages are "left at the door", I cannot me responsible for theft, or DOA's.

DOA's...Heaven forbid, but if it happens, you must notify me by phone call or text within one hours of receiving the DOA animal. Your time to call starts when the posted time of the FedEx delivery states it was accepted by you.

I accept PayPal, all major Credit Cards via PayPal and U.S. Postal Money Orders ONLY! I will accept cash on local sales.
No bank checks or cashier's checks. No "third party" sales or payments.

I am a small, one man operation. If I don't respond to your emails quickly, please be patient and as soon as I get a chance I will answer your emails.
I answer all emails whether you're purchasing your next reptile from me, or just have a question. Always glad to help if I can.

Thank You!!


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