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Why Cuba? Part 2 by Richard Bartlett on 2022-08-15 13:53:00

Peltophryne fustiger is the Giant Toad species from the region of Soroa, Cuba

Our first herping experience was at Soroa, a locale southwest of Habana, known for its waterfalls and streams. The region is home to a big aquatic anole and other lizards, a variety of snakes, and an endemic giant toad, Peltophryne fustiger.

Our second morning proved to be fruitful. Within minutes we were all gazing at several Stream Anoles, Anolis vermiculatus,. There were juveniles on fallen branches in the stream and adult males displaying on nearby treetrunks. Having been told that the species was difficult to find and photograph, we found our experience to be totally opposite.We learned also, that while most accounts claim this and the related A. bartschi to be the only 2 amongst the hordes of anole species to be devoid of a dewlap, that this was not precisely the case. In fact, both of those taxa have a dewlap, small though it is.
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