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Hispaniolan Cat-eyed or Hog-nosed Snake by Richard Bartlett on 2022-08-01 11:21:00

Note the slightly upturned nose of this species.

Hypsirhyncus ferox, the Hispaniolan Cat-eyed or Hog-nosed Snake, is an interesting little dipsadine species about which very little is written. Both common names are well deserved, this snake having elliptical pupils and a flattened slightly upturned rostrum.

Coloration may range by individual from a solid brick red, through various shades of yellow, to a deep olive-gray, all with or without dorsal patterning.

Long a single species found in both Hispaniolan countries and having 3 subspecies, recently it has been revisited by geneticists and (surprise, surprise!) has now been split into 2 species, one of which has 2 ssp. Adult size is about 15 inches and prey includes lizards and frogs. Seemingly related to the small dipsadine racers of the Caribbean Islands, the Cat-eyed Snakes can move agilely and quickly. Over the years I have maintained a few as captive and found them to be secretive and hardy, readily feeding on anoles. Other than the fact that this is an oviparous snake, little is known about its breeding methodology.
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