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A registered user for 6 years

Hi, I am Ritchie Luna. I am currently working with ball pythons and boa constrictors as well as Black Headed Pythons. I firmly believe in conservation through captive propagation. I am a member of USARK (United States Association of Reptile Keepers) as well as my local herp association AHA (Arizona Herpetological Association).

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Special Offers

10% of (Sales - shipping charges) will be donated to USARK Reptile Defense Fund.
Each customer will be forwarded a copy of the donation. Good until December 9, 2015.


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Your satisfaction and positive experience is of the utmost importance. Phone calls and e-mails will be returned within 24 hours. E-mails however, are preferable as I am currently employed and work different shifts. The following terms only apply to animals bought directly from me. They, however, do not apply if purchasing from me at wholesale.

Basic Terms
Sex is guaranteed . Every animal shipped would have been sexed several times before shipment. You have up to 14 days to contact me with any concerns regarding sex.

Health is guaranteed . Every animal is in my personal care and no one takes care of them except me. You have up to 48 hours upon receipt of the animal to contact me for any problems.

Genetics is guaranteed . Every animal sold by me is produced by me unless otherwise stated. No one else handles the animals except me. I keep records of all animals sold. Genetics is guaranteed for the life of the animal.

Live arrival guaranteed to include shipping in extreme temperatures. During extreme temperatures, the package must be picked up at your local FedEx staffed facility or the guarantee is void. All other times, someone must be home to sign for the package or the guarantee is void.

At the moment I am accepting PayPal and credit cards through PayPal. I will also accept checks and Money orders with a 15 business day waiting period for clearance. Payment plans can be arranged on a case by case basis and will have a 20% non-refundable deposit. Should the customer wish to cancel the payment plan, a refund will be issued minus the non-refundable deposit. Should anything happen to the animal while a payment plan is in effect, the customer will be given a choice between a replacement or 100% refund. While the payment plan is in effect, your animal will be cared for and taken cared of with no additional charges incurred.

Shipping is a flat fee of $50. You have the choice of the animal being shipped to your door or it can be held at your local FedEx staffed facility. During extreme temperatures, the animal must be held at your local FedEx staffed facility for live arrival to be guaranteed. I only ship overnight Monday through Wednesday.

I can also ship using my own FedEx certified reptile shipper account.

I regulate the temperatures according to the temperatures at the final destination.

35-70���°: Use heat packs
92-105���°: Use cooling packs

I ship according to the temperatures at the final destination.

Below 35���°:No shipping
35-40���°: Ship to a "Fedex staffed" facility
40-92���°: Normal Shipping
92-105���°: Ship to a "Fedex staffed" facility
Over 105���°: No Shipping

"Fedex staffed" facility otherwise known as "FedEx World Service Center" (NOT a FedEx Office, Pak Mail, Mail Boxes Etc. or other satellite/franchise location)


This vendor sells & ships their products to:
  • Local - Local Pickup Available
  • Domestic - All 50 States
(All sales & shipping as per federal/state/international laws)

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