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Mount Pleasant Herps
PO Box 220
Winchendon MA 01475 USA
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Mount Pleasant Herps is a husband and wife (a retired veterinarian) team whose goal is to produce quality colubrids, boas and pythons for pets and breeding projects.

We have a combined 70 years of experience with animal husbandry and medicine, with 27 of those including a variety of reptiles. At Mount Pleasant Herps we have taken the time to search out and purchase healthy and ideal breeding specimens to fulfill our breeding projects for years to come.

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How to Purchase
In order to make a purchase please click on the "Add to Cart" button for the snake you want. Payments can be made via PayPal, credit card or debit card.

Shipping and Live Arrival Guarantee

Shipping is via Fed-Ex Priority Overnight - $49-$58 flat rate shipping. Shipping for multiple snakes and/or adult snakes will be on a case by case basis - contact us for a quote.

Mount Pleasant Herps provides a Live Arrival Guarantee when you arrange to have our snakes shipped to you following our recommendations for safe shipping. Safe and live arrival of your snake is of utmost importance to us here at Mount Pleasant Herps. Through experience and in working with FedEx we’ve developed our own safety policies to be as close as we can be to 100% certain that shipping will be a safe experience for your snake. We ship using FedEx Priority Overnight. We ship only on Tuesday to arrive on Wednesday. Under certain circumstances, we will ship directly to your home. If the criteria specified below cannot be met, then we will ship your snake to a FedEx Shipping Center nearest to you where they keep “live packages” in a temperate holding room. (Neither too hot nor too cold) Packages sent to a FedEx Shipping Center are labeled “Hold For Pick-Up ‘your name’” and must be picked up the same day they arrive there in order to be covered under our Live Arrival Guarantee. These Centers have convenient extended hours for pick-up.

Home Address Shipping Criteria:

1) FedEx scheduled delivery to your home must occur between the hours of 8:00 AM – Noon. FedEx can provide you with this information.
2) An adult must be home to receive and sign for the package delivered.
3) Local weather-forecasted temperatures on the delivery date must be within the range of 45˚F to 92˚F.

We do use heat packs or cold packs as dictated by forecasted temperatures both in transit through the FedEx hub as well as according to destination. However, some temperatures are just too hot or too cold and pose a danger to life for your snake, in spite of a heat or cold pack. If we’ve concluded that temperatures are too dangerous for shipping at the time of your purchase, we will gladly hold your purchased snake for you at no additional charge, giving its regular care and feeding, until weather temperatures permit safe shipping.

If you have any questions about your particular situation please contact us.

**It is the responsibility of the Buyer to know the laws and regulations of keeping various reptile species where you live. Mt Pleasant Herps cannot possibly be aware of all laws in the various states, counties and cities throughout the United States. Mt Pleasant Herps ships reptiles at the Buyer's request and will not assume responsibility should this request violate local law.

Shipping and Order Abandonment

It is important to us that we ship to you in a timely manner. This is only possible with good communication between both you and us. If during appropriate shipping weather of three consecutive weeks, you do not respond to our attempts to schedule shipping, your order will be considered abandoned, the snake(s) will be relisted for sale and the purchase price minus a 25% restocking fee will be refunded.

Return Policy

Upon receipt, if for any reason you are not satisfied with the snake(s) we sent, you may return them for replacement or credit. Contact, via email, must be made within 24 hours of receipt of the snake(s) and return shipping arrangements must be agreed upon within 48 hours of receipt of the snake. The snake(s) must be shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight, Monday through Wednesday only, using one of the following reptile shipping services: or the snake(s) must be packed following the shipping service requirements indicated in the .pdf below. The snake(s) must be returned in the same healthy condition they were shipped in.

All shipping charges are non-refundable. The customer will be responsible for any and ALL shipping charges to have the snake(s) shipped back to us and to have your snake(s) replaced.

There will be NO CASH REFUNDS given. If we cannot replace your snake due to its exact type (species/morph/gender) being out of stock, you will be given a credit towards choosing another snake(s) of the same gender at equal value of your original purchase price, excluding shipping cost.

Making a purchase binds you to have fully read, understand, comply and agree to ALL terms and conditions listed. Failure on the customers part to fully read all terms and conditions before making a purchase does not make them exempt from these terms and conditions.


This vendor sells & ships their products to:
  • Local - Local Pickup Available
  • Domestic - All 50 States
(All sales & shipping as per federal/state/international laws)

For more information about this vendors shipping policies click here.
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