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Reptile Rapture
6416 Bridge rd
Monona WI 53713 US
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At Reptile Rapture we are a retail store like no other. Our goal is to offer the highest quality of reptiles. We take great care of our animals while they are with us. All of our animals are provided with the proper heating, lighting, watering and feeding of food and supplements on a daily basis. No shortcuts allowed.

We carry a large variety of captive bred reptiles such as colubrids, boas, pythons, monitors, lizards, turtles, tortoises, amphibians and Invertebrates. We also carry everything


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Any deposits made to hold a specific animal are non-refundable.


For a live arrival guarantee in the winter months, we require that your package be held at your local fed ex hub. You will need to provide us with the address of the hub along with your shipping address.

We are a certified reptile shipper with FedEx and UPS. We ship all reptiles priority overnight to your door for a flat rate of $55 for packages under two pounds across the U.S.. We guarantee live arrival. (If they attempt to deliver the package and you are not there our guarantee is null and void.) Upon receiving the package, if the animal is D.O.A (Dead On Arrival) you must contact us by phone or email within 30 minutes of arrival or our guarantee is void. You will also need to proof of death by providing us with the animal or specific photos of it that we will require you to provide. If you have received a D.O.A animal and have met our terms we will return the purchase price of the animal and only the animal. We do not refund for shipping cost.
We ship year round Monday through Thursday.


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