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Venomaxed, LLC DBA Reptile Empress
3914 W Rue De Lamour Ave
Phoenix AZ 85029 United States
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Hello I specialize in retics, water monitors, corn snakes, boas, and ball pythons.

My current project is hatching US first captive hatched Black Bintan Asian Water Monitors.

I love to teach people about reptiles and help them with their starter pet, or give additional info to the hobbyests. Please check out my website for in depth info about my new company and careguides on these beautiful animals.

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Special Offers

I am reducing all the prices of my animals, because I just launched my new website.


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You can ask me about the reptile with any of my social links or on here. Please I encourage you to ask away if you do not understand something. I will be happy to help.

All sales are final. Non-refundable 10% refund on holds, and $20 weekly fee if I must hold more than 7 days. If I back out of the sale, because I believe you don't have a suitable home for my reptile you will get your complete refund with no hassle.

Live reptile arrival is guaranteed with no more than 20% weight and size difference of last updated ad.

I am not responsible for life loss during weather events or natural disasters, so please schedule your reptiles arrival with weather in mind.

If making payments on an animal and you back-out, there will not be a refund.

We accept Paypal or in-person cash.
You don't need a PayPal account to make a purchase with PayPal.

When paying with PayPal please be sure that the correct shipping address is on your account or if paying without an account that you provide the correct shipping address on the payment form.
We ship to the address on the Pay Pal payment and are not responsible if that is not the correct address.
We cannot ship to any address other than what is on your Pay Pal payment.

Guarantees offered:

All reptiles in my ad are guaranteed the sex I list unless there is no sex listed.

Live arrival is only guaranteed when temperatures in route are between 35 and 90 degrees. If the temperatures are extremely hot or cold we can hold your order until the weather is better. Please let us know of any adverse weather conditions in your area when placing your order. (extreme heat or cold, snow/ice, storms)

Any health issues or DOAs must be reported within two hours of delivery, and we will provide a replacement or store credit. (Photos and return of animal IS required)

Guarantee of sex - All reptiles are guaranteed to be sexed correctly. Please sex your new reptile as soon as possible after delivery.

Missexed animals must be reported back to us within 3 days of delivery to be covered under our guarantee.

Due to only being allowed one picture on MorpMarket and my membership level does not allow the unchecking of the the "Exact items are all pictured box" the animal pictured may or may not look exactly like the picture so please ask for more pictures via my contact links or on morph market.

HOLDS: I can hold an reptile for you with a 10% NONREFUNDABLE deposit for up to 7 days. If you back-out on the sale you will be 100% refunded with no hassle. I do not do payment plans.

Order Cancellation
If you cancel an order for any reason there will be a 10% "restocking fee" to cover time, shipping label cancellation cost, reposting adds etc.

We cannot guarantee temperament or tameness of any reptile.

Customer is responsible for all shipping charges.

We ship Fed Ex Priority Overnight. Delivery is usually by 10:30 AM, but may be later for some areas. Someone must be available to accept shipments on the first delivery attempt (no matter the delivery time) *or all guarantees are void.*

So please look up your state laws.


This vendor sells & ships their products to:
  • Local - Local Pickup Available
  • Domestic - All 50 States
(All sales & shipping as per federal/state/international laws)

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